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Koshihikari Rice Porridge


We aim to improve the quality of our baby food by using safe and reliable ingredients.

High quality and nutrient of ingredients makes our products highly qualified. Matsuya Baby Food is for all babies to have a healthy and delightful diet.

One of our unique processing methods, drying cooked rice immediately, stimulate its natural flavor and taste of rice. We use rice cultivated in Niigata by our contracted farmers. The rice is cooked once it is polished to maximize its flavor and taste of freshly cooked rice, as well as fresh vegetables are processed.

  • No trance-fatty acid
  • Easy to cook just by adding hot water
  • Speed cooking! No more keeping the baby waiting!
  • Easy to bring in flake form when you go out
  • Reclosable package allowing you to take as much amount as you want

Kishihikari rice porridge

Matsuya’s “Niigata Koshihikari rice porridge series” is based on the opinions of mothers in a survey. The main ingredient, Koshihikari rice from Niigata, is grown under contract farming. The flavour and nutrition of the porridge, cooked with carefully selected ingredients and delicious water, is delivered as it is. All items contain additional DHA*1 and calcium*2 to support your baby’s growth.

※1 DHA is a refined oil derived from bonito and is a “food label”.  ※2 It is an ingredient derived from scallop shells. It is not included in the 28 allergens.

No item used listed among 28 ingredients, issued by Consumer Affairs Agency, Government of Japan

NOTE: Mandatory by Cabinet Office Ordinance (7 items): shrimp/prawn, crab, wheat, buckwheat, egg, milk and peanuts; Recommended by Notice (21 items): abalone, squid, salmon roe, oranges, cashew nut, kiwifruit, beef, walnuts, sesame, salmon, mackerel, soybeans, chicken, bananas, pork, “matsutake” mushrooms, peaches, yams, apples, gelatin and almond.


Rice porridge (Mixed with 7 kinds of vegetables)

Rice porridge (Mixed with flounder & 5 kinds of vegetables)

Rice porridge (Mixed with mushrooms & 4 kinds of vegetables)

Rice porridge (Mixed with 3 kinds of seaweeds & 4 kinds of vegetables)

Rice porridge (White rice)

How to cook


Put Matsuya Koshihikari Rice Porridge in a bowl:

Open a package, and put required amount in a bowl.


Add hot water:

You can use warm water and water too.


Mix it well:

You can arrange its degree of softness by adjusting amount of water.


Ready to eat:

You can cook easily anytime you want.



Woman, 40s

My son does not like vegetables, but he enjoys eating Matsuya’s vegetable rice porridge.

Woman, 30s

It is quite helpful even when we go out. It could be also used as emergency food.

Woman, 30s

I tried many kinds of baby foods, but I ended up using Matsuya’s rice porridge.

Woman, 20s

Even adult can enjoy it since it has a natural taste and flavor of rice. I sometimes take it when having a cold.

Man, 20s

It is helpful since I can arrange the amount of water.

Woman, 30s

My son enjoy eating Matsu’s rice porridge with diverse variety of tastes.