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We want to make everyone smile with Matsuya

Greetings from Youichi Matsuno, President of Matsuya Co., Ltd..

Since its establishment in 1907, Matsuya Co., Ltd. has been serving rice processed food products as a food manufacturer for more than 100 years. Now, we are based in Niigata Prefecture, one of the major rice producing regions in Japan, making our products such as baby food and elder care in a pleasant environment surrounded by beautiful rice fields and lagoons.

We started our business from producing food materials for Japanese-style confectionery. In 1995 we developed a product as a food aid at the request of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan, and it marked a turning point for us. Based on the processing techniques developed then, “Rice Meal” with high α-degree of rice was finally invented and started to serve patients in a hospital and people suffering from hunger.

This Rice Meal is the origin of the most popular product of Matsuya today, Matsuya Rice Porridge.

Our rice porridge is easy to digest, and therefore everyone from baby to elder can enjoy anytime. Our core competence was established through product development for food aid.
We, therefore, have been dedication ourselves to make everyone smile at any occasion with Matsuya’s products, as our mission.

We strive to diversify our products further, considering various culinary culture and preference with high quality and food safety. We will do our best to create an enjoyable time at a dining table with Matsuya products. Thank you,

Youichi Matsuno
President of Matsuya Co., Ltd.
September 2019

Our Speciality



COMPANY NAME Matsuya Co., Ltd.
Establishment 1907
Headquarter address 3497-2, kuzutsuka, kita-ku, Niigata950-3321 JAPAN
Capital 10,000,000JPY
CEO Youichi Matsuno
Number of employee 14


  1. Matsuya was founded in Tokyo, Japan.
  2. Matsuya registered as a limited company.
  3. Constructed a food-processing plant was in Niigata prefecture, Japan.
  4. Moved headquarters from Tokyo to Niigata prefecture.
  5. The plant expanded with added milling and hot rollers for further food processing.
  6. New plant constructed for more production lines for rice cakes and for installation of additional processing machines.
  7. Milling machines and hot rollers added, and automatic weighing instruments installed.
  8. Printing machines installed for a resealable zipper bag.
  9. Renamed as Matsuya Co., Ltd. as a Joint stock corporation.
  10. Three additional hot rollers installed.
  11. Production lines added for rice noodle and baby food for overseas consumers.
  12. 2017   Automatic weighing instruments added, and the second factory enlargement.

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