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Our Specialty

Begin with rice, end up with ∞


Matsuya aims to enrich people's lifestyles through unique rice-powder based products. Matsuya cares for our customers’ healthy lifestyles.

Matsuya’s approach to your dietary life.

We have upheld our traditional processing techniques for non-glutinous rice. The techniques, making rice powder by crushing dried cooked-rice, maximizes its nutrients and the natural taste of rice. It has allowed us to pursue our fundamental commitment, "Serving safe and secure food to everyone." We are committed to creating an opportunity for everyone, especially infants and young children, their mothers, and elders to enjoy a healthy dietary life.

Our products are developed for infants and young children, their mothers, and elders. Therefore, we always deliver rice-based products which not only provide enough calories, but also ensure food safety and allow easy intake.

Specilal selection of ingredients

Our rice, as a major ingredient of all of our products, is cultivated by contracted farmers in Niigata, Japan, specifically selected based on our own criteria to secure its traceability. We also use locally produced vegetables, procured in a local market every morning.


There are ZERO additives contained in our products. There are no preservatives, artificial food coloring, antioxidants, pH regulators or other chemical seasonings. Everyone, from babies to elders, can enjoy our products at any occasion.


Matsuya was established in 1907, and has been serving rice-based products for about 110 years. We, as a well-experienced manufacturer, ensure our product quality is led by a made-in-Japan and made-by-Japan approach.


- from rice granules to baby food -

Our mission is to be the one to enrich healthy lifestyles for people all over the world through uniquely developed rice-based products. Since our establishment in 1907, all of our products have been invented with our fundamental techniques to process non-glutinous rice. Starting our business as an ingredient manufacturer for Japanese-style confections, we have continued to develop various types of products in consideration for a more enriched and healthy dietary life.


    Matsuya was established in Tokyo, Japan in 1907. After World War II, we moved our base to Niigata, one of the major rice producing region in Japan. We began by producing rice processed products as an ingredient for the Japanese confectionery, "Kanbai-ko".

  • Product development to eradicate hunger in Ethiopia

    In 1995 we developed a product at the request of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan. The aim of the project was to produce a high quality rice-based product to be delivered by ship in equatorial areas to serve populations of the world suffering from malnutrition.

  • Birth of "Rice Meal"

    "Rice Meal" was a new product invented to support people suffering from hunger in Ethiopia. “Rice Meal” is ideally suited as food aid because it can be preserved for a long period of time under severe environmental conditions. Additionally, it only requires a small amount of water for cooking.

  • From “Rice Meal” to baby food

    After developing “Rice Meal,” we challenged ourselves to apply the same techniques used to produce “Rice Meal” to other new products which could be of use to a greater proportion of the population. After conducting multiple trials, we decided to produce baby food based on the manufacturing methods used for “Rice Meal.”

  • From rice to infinity

    Matsuya started with the traditional processing techniques for non-glutinous rice. We are now diversifying our product line; not only with baby food, but also health food, elder care food, and emergency food, to satisfy customer demands from people of all walks of life.

  • From Japan to the world

    Matsuya’s fundamental techniques for rice processing originated in Japan and has been serving a wide population in Japan. From today, we will enrich people's dietary life all over the world.


α-degree of rice
Heating rice starch and water simultaneously transforms it to a sticky paste, having α-degree. Matsuya dries steamed rice with α-degree at a high temperature for dehydration, crushing it as a final product. This procedure allows our product to sustain high α-degree when pouring hot water into it.

Water quality for achieving α-degree effectively
Water quality for achieving α-degree effectively

Water is required to make rice with α-degree, and it is also a key determinant for its taste. Matsuya utilizes specifically purified water to obtain α-degree. This allows our products to keep the natural taste of rice with proper α-degree.

10sec. for cooking
10 sec. for cooking

Manufacturing our product includes cooking rice to α-degree and then crushing the rice into powder. Because of this process, it easily becomes a sticky paste which one can adjust to personal taste with the amount of water used. In order to eat our product, you just need 10 seconds to add water and stir. Then you and your family will enjoy healthy dining.

97% of α-degree
97% of α-degree

High α-degree allows people who experience difficulty with eating, such as infants and the elderly, to digest it easily. High a-degree also preserves the naturally delicious taste of rice.

Manufacturing techniques

For more than 100 years, Matsuya has been providing high quality, safe, and reliable products. We began processing rice based on our traditional manufacturing techniques to produce an ingredient for Japanese confectionery; a treat from the very beginning of Japanese history. Our dedicated team examines each step of the process in manufacturing our product every day.

Reliable supply chain of ingredients
Reliable supply chain of ingredients

The rice we use as our primary ingredient is produced by contracted farmers, accomplishing high food traceability. The rice is tested to identify residual chemical pesticides and radioactivity as necessary. Uniquely, we process all the fresh ingredients ourselves. As we do not use pre-processed ingredients, this leads to greater food safety and reliability, and a more natural taste.

Immediate drying method
Immediate drying method

Cooked rice is dried in order to preserve its taste and nutrient contents immediately. Rice is cooked evenly and properly by steaming and high-temperature drying, which leads flavor-rich porridge.

The careful manufacturing process by our staff
The careful manufacturing process by our staff

The entire process of manufacturing our product is managed by Matsuya staff. We all are eager to deliver tasty, safe, and reliable food products at every step of our procedure.

Matsuya's product

Maximizing the flavor of freshly cooked rice, Matsuya delivers safe and reliable food to your dining table,
paying close attention to ingredients and production method.