Over 100 years in manufacturing rice-rich products.

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  • Matsuya Rice porridge "White rice"
  • Rice porridge "Mixed with 3 kinds of seaweeds & 4 kinds of vegetables "
  • Matsuya Rice porridge "Mixed with mushrooms & 4 kinds of vegetables"
  • Matsuya Rice porridge "Mixed with flounder & 5 kinds of vegetables"
  • Matsuya Rice porridge "Mixed with7 kinds of vegetables"


Infants and toddlers are a vulnerable segment of the population. Therefore, we put our emphasis on delivering safe and secure products which provide valued nutrition. Matsuya’s baby foods have been popular among parents in Japan for more than 15 years.

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  • Japanese style brown rice soup
  • Ginger brown rice soup with seaweed and sesame
  • Tomato brown rice soup
  • PRODUCTS Clam chowder brown rice soup


Applying our fundamental rice processing techniques, Matsuya's health food makes the most use of brown rice as a whole. We produce healthy brown-rice based products, such as high-nutritious soup stock and an instant low-calorie soup.

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Our elder care food is easily cooked by just adding hot water. One can fine-tune the thickness by adjusting the amount of water. It preserves the natural taste of cooked rice, and the ease of preparation is considerate to both those who are caring for themselves and those who are taking care of others.

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