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Further food safety for more babies

No Trans-Fatty Acid

Matsuya follows high quality standards to satisfy a global demand; product produced with no trans-fatty acid, saturated fatty acid or cholesterol. To meet our quality control standards, we have developed and applied detailed quality control processes during all phases of our production, from the procurement of materials, machines and personnel, to each step in the production lines. For example, instead of using oil with quantities of trans-fatty acid, started fatty acid and cholesterol, Matsuya uses rice oil with only very limited ratio of trans-fat and cholesterol which is uses as a supplemental oil for heating n the process.


Additive free

There are ZERO additives contained in our products. There are no preservatives,
artificial food coloring, antioxidants, pH regulators or other chemical seasonings.
Everyone, from babies to elders, can enjoy our products at any occasion.


Allergen free

Our products do NOT contain any of 27 allergens determined under the Japanese Food Sanitation Act to potentially induce food allergy. To avoid any food contamination, we control our plant environment completely especially for a production line of baby foods.

Note: 27 items of allergen, required to label under Food Sanitation Act in Japan,
include; egg, milk, wheat, peanut, shrimp, buckwheat, salmon roe, kiwifruit, walnut,
soybean, banana, yam, cashew nut, peach, sesame, mackerel, salmon, squid,
chicken, apple, matsutake mushroom, abalone, orange, beef, gelatin and pork.