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Matsuya baby food is very popular overseas!

This is an export-only lineup tailored for overseas markets.

Matsuya’s Potage series was actually planned and developed based on questionnaires from overseas users, and the flavors and ingredients have been adapted for overseas use. All items contain additional DHA*1 and calcium*2 to support your baby’s growth.

※1 DHA is a refined oil derived from bonito and is a “food label”. ※2 It is an ingredient derived from scallop shells. It is not included in the 28 allergens.

  • No trance-fatty acid
  • Easy to cook just by adding hot water
  • Speed cooking! No more keeping the baby waiting!
  • Easy to bring in flake form when you go out
  • Reclosable package allowing you to take as much amount as you want

You can download the product guide below